Building Better Trade Businesses.
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Proven expertise to help you drive sustainable growth

Proven expertise to help you drive sustainable growth

Tailored support to meet your businesses unique needs

Trade and Construction Industry Specific Management Consultants

Trade Advisory Group are a management consulting business that focuses solely on the trade and construction sector. We use our real-life trade business experience & success to identify areas of change required in your business to be consistently profitable, achieve greater sales and create a systemised business that can run without you.

Trade Advisory Groups’ “Trade Business Framework’ is a management guideline specific to trades & the construction industry, grouped into (3) categories: PLAN | SYSTEMISE | GROW. Aligning these categories will bring maximum benefit to your business no matter what stage your business is at. This includes greater efficiencies, better vision, staff and client satisfaction as well as increased profits.

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Your results are displayed immediately following the test and will help you prioritise the areas your business performance needs more work.

Our 3 Step Trade Business Framework:


The purpose of planning is to make decisions about the future of your business, and to make effective decisions about how to allocate resources. Actions needed include:


Assessing your current position and capability


Business planning to target future growth


Setting and tracking of KPI’s to achieve results


Financial budgeting.


A systemised business is one that has defined processes in place to maximise efficiency. Systemise your business so it runs without you, or with less manual input. To be successful you need:


Business workflow planning to increase performance


Implement or improve job management systems


Safety systems to meet legislation


Quality procedures to ensure repeat business


Sustainable growth can only be achieved with the right systems and strategies in place to differentiate your business from your competitors’. It includes:


Marketing to achieve desired business opportunities


Pricing strategies to beat the competition


Sales tactics and training to win more work


Monthly advisory boards to achieve growth targets.

How we engage with you

At Trade Advisory Group, we have owned and operated several Trade Businesses, by engaging with us it’s a partnership like any other we need to work together, we want to ensure we understand your needs correctly. Whether your aim is to make more money, grow and scale your business, increase profit, retain staff, or implement job management systems, we’re here to help. We become your outsourced management partner available every day, or we can step in when and as you need us to carry out or help with certain goals or challenges.

Step 1 – Initial Discussions

We meet to discuss your business and future needs. You take our Trade Business Benchmark Assessment to provide you with further insight into your business. This a time to learn more about each other and discover how we can assist.

Step 2 – Proposal and Roadmap

We provide a proposal and a roadmap on the next steps of our engagement for you to consider. This is very detailed and gives timeframes on when you can expect to achieve results.

Step 3 – Review and Adjust

We meet again to answer any questions. If required, we adjust the road map and services to ensure they are aligned correctly with your business and you are confident and satisfied your investment will achieve the desired outcome.

NB: The above services are provided free of charge and are 100% obligation-free. 

What our clients have said about us

“We would highly recommend Trade Advisory Group. Rob Wolfe has assisted us in many areas from understanding cash flow, maximising our current systems and understanding our profitability. We are working side by side to continue to grow our business and we look forward to working with Trade Advisory Group into the future.”

Tara Mcilvenie

Connect Air and Refrigeration, Blue Mountains

We own a small bricklaying business and Robert at Trade Advisory Group has supported us to understand our business numbers and how we can increase profit and sales. He has provided us with some tools to use to grow our business. He has a wealth of knowledge and has experience in the trade industry. Would highly recommend contacting them for support and guidance!

Rebecca Mary

Brick and Stone Sydney

“Thank you so much Robert and Martin from Trade Advisory Group for helping and guiding our small business Alecder Air in the right direction. You’ve given us more than we expected and our business has grown ever since, Taking us in a new direction that we didn’t think was possible on our own. We highly recommend Rob and Martin from Trade Advisory Group.”

Alecder Air

“Trade Advisory Group provided our business with invaluable advice which enabled us to quickly grow our team and win new work in our target market.”


NNC Electrical

Our Partners

Trade Advisory Group has partner agreements in place with two leading job management software solutions – simPRO and ServiceM8. We ensure the integration of a new software solution or improvement of an existing solution is suitable for your unique business operations and workflow. You will have a trusted partner to deliver the solution and ensure an accurate integration, saving you valuable time and frustration.

Learn more about our systems solutions, by scheduling a confidential call with our team.