Trade Business Framework Assessment

Trade Advisory Groups’ “Trade Business Framework’ is a management guideline specific to trades & the construction industry, grouped into (3) categories: PLAN | SYSTEMISE | GROW. Aligning these categories will bring maximum benefit to your business no matter what stage your business is at. This includes greater efficiencies, better vision, staff and client satisfaction as well as increased profits.

Your results will help you prioritise the areas of your business where your job management processes, or performance needs more work.

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Step 1 of 7 - Plan

Complete the following questions:
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Q1: Do you have a business plan that clearly defines the growth & performance targets of the business?
Q2: Does the business have a strategic marketing plan and budget to drive the correct sales opportunities to your sales team?
Q3: Do you have a succession and/or exit plan for your business?
Q4: Are financial budgets in place to report on the business' profit, sales, cost of goods and expenses?
Q5: Are Key Performance Indicators identified in the business strategy and reported on a regular basis?

Running a business is tough. You don’t have to do it alone.

We have vast experience and proven success in building our own trade businesses. Now we help other owners plan, implement and achieve better business performance.