Business Improvement

As a business owner or administrator of a trades business you are probably aware of areas that need improvement. The hardest part can be knowing where to begin though.

Here are some questions that might resonate with you, and some of the solutions we offer to support and help you run your business more effectively and profitably.

Our Solutions to Your Challenges

Are you feeling isolated in your business and need support?

We partner and work with you, to provide support and help you achieve your goals

Are you working hard but feel unable to make the next step to grow your business?
We will help you plan and implement systems, so your business is less reliant on you.
When it comes to BAS time are you low on cash or is your business on an ATO Payment Plan?
We structure and implement a cash flow report to ensure there are no surprises and you are fully aware of your finances.
Do you know what margin your business needs to be profitable?
We provide you with advice and guidance, so your business financials are organised and understood. We also implement estimating procedures and target profit-making projects.
Do you understand your financials?
We break down the important and relevant financial reports in your business, and ensure you learn with targeted supports in place.
Are you quoting correctly and consistently?
We will give you the tools you need. Implement a CRM and help you with your estimating procedures to ensure you understand the margin required to be profitable.
Are there inconsistencies with your workflow and orderbook?
We will work with you and your staff to ensure you sell and market your services correctly, provide a tailored CRM and help with diversification to ensure you have a consistent workflow.

If you can relate to any of the challenges above, call us on 07 3607 6348 for a confidential, no-obligation free discussion about how we can help you.

Stability & Success

At Trade Advisory Group, we know the key to achieving stability and success in businesses comes down to six core areas. We partner with you to work through these so you can achieve your goals.

Business Management

Together we will clarify your business and personal goals and then create and implement a Strategic Business Plan. Through consistent monitoring and reviewing, we will continue to partner with you to ensure your growth goals are achieved.

Financial Control

We analyse your financial procedures to identify opportunities to improve your financial performance and maximise profit generation. Our unique tools provide a comprehensive approach delivering insights to every trade-specific factor like cashflow forecasts, break-even analysis, job costing, work-in-progress, and labour charge outs. With our proven strategies and advice, we will keep you on track and ensure you achieve the financial rewards you deserve.

Sales & Marketing

This may not be your forte, but it is essential to your growth and success. We will customise a Sales & Marketing strategy that will best position your business to your target market. By improving your business image and sales funnels, you will enjoy increased exposure and growth.

Operations & Processes

After conducting a thorough analysis of your current job and project procedures, we will identify ways to streamline business workflow to deliver efficiencies across the board. By assisting with job costing, workflow, and administration procedures, we ensure we cover all aspects of your trade business and measure these outcomes using our KPI measurements tools. This process will produce more profitable, quality outcomes.

HR & People

Employment contracts, discipline letters, performance and retention guidelines, and improving employee engagement can make or break a trades business. Our Human Resources services focus on aligning your team with your business goals, building a positive workplace culture, and ensuring Fair Work legislation is maintained to reduce risk and increase productivity.

Workplace Health & Safety

We help you understand what is required for your business to keep ahead of legislation and the requirements for providing a safe environment for your staff. Many Workplace Health & Safety advisors and systems are not tailored to the needs of a trades business. Our advice and systems keep you on track, get right to the point, and provide you with an effective method that is simple to implement.

Trade Advisory Group is run by real trade business professionals; therefore, we know trades have specific challenges that are unlike other businesses. We know what it takes to get your business operating more effectively, how to maximise your profits, and create less stress.

Some of the initiatives we use at Trade Advisory Group include:

  • Advisory meetings
  • Business tools
  • Real business support with targeted planning and guidance
  • Phone and email support
  • Weekly monitoring of improvements
  • Financial reporting
  • Training & coaching
  • Tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements.