Business Management Systems

When you engage with Trade Advisory Group you’ll learn how to make your business sustainable and improve its performance. Our goal is to identify improvements that are deliverable within realistic timeframes.

Our 3 Step Trade Business Management Framework covers three key areas of achieving a successful and sustainable business. All three areas need to be aligned to provide maximum benefit to your business.

Our framework, combined with our real-life experiences of running successful trade businesses, means we have the skills to assist, perform or help you with your business goals.


Creating, systemising, or growing any successful business starts with correct planning. Though it’s a cliché, it is true that if you fail to plan you do plan to fail. That is why “plan” is the cornerstone category to our 3 Step Trade Business Management Framework.

Why is planning important?

When a trade business has processes in place and a plan to follow, its managers are more equipped to prepare for the future, and staff are more focussed on working toward common goals. This means it’s easier to manage time and resources, and to position the company for growth and setbacks as they arise.

How to we help?

Trade Advisory Group will help you view your business from a different perspective, allowing your current business position and its capability to be structured for future growth and for achieving your desired outcome.

Trade Advisory Group consults with your team to perform a holistic review of your business operations including but not limited to its financial position, sales and marketing activities, systems and processes, safety and quality systems, and job management tools. The findings of your current position and business capability are documented and form the basis our future growth plan.

Our solutions (at a Glance)

A documented and presented gap analysis of your current business position


Business plan to identify and track business growth


Strategic marketing plan to drive more business sales


Financial budgeting to target increased profit


Key performance indicator (KPI) review and tracking


Regular consult meetings to keep your business plan on track.

Trade Advisory Group becomes part of your management team, working alongside your business to ensure the growth plan for the business is actioned. This way we are with you every step of the way, to ensure ongoing accountability and achieved results.


Improving your internal operations through systems that work for your business and employees is integral to our 3 Step Trade Business Management Framework. Systemising your business processes and job management systems has the most significant impact to the profitability of your business and it is also your weakest link if not executed correctly. Our team has many years’ experience in unlocking hidden profit with your jobs and can save you valuable time by streamlining your processes.

Why is systemising important?

Once you’ve set up systems in your business, it will save you a lot of hours in the long run. From booking jobs, managing your cash-flow, predicting upcoming payments, or paying bills on time, business systems allow you to allocate your resources wisely and allows your business to run smoothly, leading to improved cashflow and more profitability.

Our solutions (at a glance)

Implementing new or unlocking improvements to your job management software


Gain a structured workflow to manage all aspects of your business processes


Attain accurate forecasting of your job profitability, Work in Progress and Costs to Complete


Safety systems management to mitigate risk and stay ahead of legislation


Gain pricing, scheduling, cost control, manage staff and equipment in the most effective method.

With the right systems solutions and job management software working effectively, you can actually achieve more profit by spending less time in your business. That’s the truth!


Helping you to improve and grow your trade business is one of the key areas of our 3 Step Trade Business Management Framework. To grow or increase profit you need the correct customers, the right tools and you must secure the correct type and quantity of work. The key here is not to just grow, but to grow sustainably in a way that provides a steady or increasing profit.

Why is growth so important?

If you leverage growth, your business can make you money while you are not there. Having a framework to help you do that is key, such as a plan for your marketing, administrative systems, systems and processes around staff, winning work and more importantly ensuring your services are priced correctly.

Our solutions (at a glance)

Pricing strategies to create value and secure more work


Marketing solutions to drive more sales opportunities


Sales processes, training, and implementing systems to gain further prospects to win more work


Monthly advisory meetings and structured support to ensure you business meets growth and performance targets.

Win more work of the correct type and quantity and generate more profit in your business by implementing our proven solutions and techniques to take your company to the next level.

Running a business is tough. You don’t have to do it alone.

We have vast experience and proven success in building our own trade businesses. Now we help other owners plan, implement and achieve better business performance.