Case Study on Connect Air and Refrigeration

Trade Advisory Group assists Connect Air’s diversification into commercial market

Blue Mountains business Connect Air and Refrigeration had grown rapidly in just two short years when they engaged the assistance of Trade Advisory Group (TAG). Connect Air’s owners realised they needed to capitalise on their business’s momentum and would require a sustainable growth plan, as well as help to manage their cashflow and rising number of callouts efficiently. What they didn’t realise at the time was that TAG’s Director Robert Wolfe might have a few other recommendations for them once he familiarised himself with Connect Air’s business goals. What resulted was a diversification into a new market for Connect Air, which has advanced the business further in terms of customer service, internal operations, and Growth.

About the trade business

Connect Air and Refrigeration is a reliable provider of complete heating and cooling solutions for residential homes and commercial properties across the Blue Mountains and Sydney region. Connect Air began in 2019 under the Directorship of experienced technician Rob Mcilvenie and his wife, Connect Air Manager Tara Mcilvenie. Just two years later the business expanded to a team of five when there was the addition of a tradesperson, an apprentice and a casual technician.

When Rob and Tara engaged the support of TAG, Connect Air was primarily an air-conditioning business which concentrated on domestic installations and some service and maintenance work.

The challenge

Connect Air was growing quite rapidly for a business that was only two years old and Rob and Tara wanted to plan for sustainable growth more effectively. They wanted to ensure they had a good understanding of their cash flow and job procedures to ensure profit was being achieved.


TAG Director Robert Wolfe quickly identified that Rob was technically very experienced, and he was open to expanding the business into different markets.

TAG worked with Rob and Tara to:

  • Identify commercial opportunities in their area
  • Provide full tender submissions – something Connect Air had not done previously
  • Work on their estimating procedures to ensure projects being targeted were achievable and in line with Connect Air’s overall growth strategy
  • Provide them with a full suite of tender documentation processes
  • Ensure growth was planned out

Provide ongoing partnership assistance with business development, workflow assistance, profit and software improvement.


Connect Air is now regularly being connected to provide tenders on commercial projects. Together with TAG they have priced and won maintenance contracts, achieved high margins, and diversified their business into the commercial market. Connect Air now has a clear understanding of their job profitability and workflow procedures. With constant regular assistance on their growth plans that are real and targeted to their business.

A final word from Connect Air and Refrigeration’s Director Rob Mcilvenie:

Trade Advisory Group’s assistance through Rob Wolfe has helped within so many areas that we didn’t realise we needed. Rob has assisted us with understanding our cash flow, our profitability on jobs, maximising our software that we use internally and assisting to grow our business within the commercial industry. We are working side by side to continue to grow our business and we look forward to working with Trade Advisory Group into the future.

A final word, from Trade Group’s Director Robert Wolfe:

Seeing Connect Air achieve more sustainable growth and diversify into new markets has been rewarding for both TAG and Connect Air. Working together on the daily challenges especially during these times has provided Connect Air with quick detailed understanding of how to navigate the constant changes with COVID in the most balanced way. We have worked not only on implementation of changes but have also helped Connect Air’s owners expand on their business knowledge, which in turn gives them the confidence to take on new projects and expand their business.