It is sometimes difficult to prioritise how much time and energy to spend on different tasks. Which one should I start now, which one should have been finished already and which ones require attention?

Stress is often caused by jobs and task that are not complete and mount up, rather than the work itself. This occurs more in stressful periods and when we have too much to do. It is easy to confuse the important tasks that we should be focusing on, with the ones that are less important.

All our tasks need to get done at some point in time, although having the skill to prioritise and at times delegate is a huge benefit to your stress levels and business success.

Our attached diagram is a simple illustration we often use with our clients to assist in working on our to do list in the following order:

  1. Important and Urgent – DO IT NOW
  2. Important but not Urgent – DECIDE WHEN TO DO IT
  3. Not Important but Urgent – LEAVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE
  4. Not Important and not Urgent – DO IT LATER