Business Planning

Company structure & Owner risk mitigation

Key Performance Indicator Measures

Business Planning

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Together, we will clarify your business and personal goals and then create and implement a Strategic Business Plan. Through consistent monitoring and reviewing, we will continue to partner with you to ensure your growth goals are achieved.

Every trade business has its strengths, as well as its weaknesses and challenges. For most owners or management teams, finding the time and space to think objectively about the business is hard. So much time is taken up with day-to-day operations, that innovation and business growth can stagnate. That’s where we come in.

Trade businesses work within a unique set of risk and compliance issues. We will review your business structure and implement changes to reduce risk and improve procedures for all stakeholders.

Business Support Services

Company structure & Owner risk mitigation
Ensure your business legal entity is the correct one for your current and future situation. Gain the correct advice to mitigate your risk. We have internal guidance based on real life experience, should you require more detailed support we partner with a legal team that has vast experience on owner risk mitigation.
Key Performance Indicator measures
Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are often misunderstood and over complicated. Our client management software will keep you on track to work on the most important but often least urgent parts of your business.
Business Planning
Can’t see the wood for the trees? Not sure of the best direction for your business and how to plan for the future? Let us guide you to achieve your personal and business goals.
Innovation and Service development
We will work with you, so your Systems, Technology and service offerings are continually updated and improved to ensure you are on track with market developments and keep ahead of the competition.
Solving business problems
Need some expert advice to discuss, share and solve your business problems. Our team are on hand and waiting to share our vast experience in all types of Trades related issues.
Exit & Succession planning
You have spent years in your Trades business and the time is to transition to new experiences. We have been there and done it and can steer you in the right direction to a successful exit strategy.

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