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By providing real tools, like Employment contracts, discipline letters and improving Employee engagement, performance and retention which can make or break a trade business. Our Human Resources services focus on aligning your team behind your business goals, building a positive workplace culture, and ensuring Fair Work legislation is maintained to reduce risk and increase productivity.

Business Support Services

Staff Retention Strategies
Do you struggle to attract good staff and retention of key staff in your business is an issue? We will guide you through the key aspects of Staff Retention, so you maintain a positive relationship with your team to save valuable time and costly hiring fees.
Employer of Choice
The employment market is highly competitive and positioning your business as an employer of choice is key to the overall management of your Human Resource Management system. Our services will provide the insight and knowledge of how to position your business to recruit and retain the best staff in the industry.
Fair Work Act
Trades business can easily fall on the wrong side and get into issues with what is required under the Fair Work Act. Our trained and experienced specialist will give you the tools and advice required while keeping you accountable on your duties under the Act.
All companies benefit from having a well trained workforce in terms on productivity, staff retention and unlock profit potential. With our services you will understand the benefits of a staff training program and be given the tools and advice to manage this important section of your business.
Employment contracts
Unsure of what is required to be included in your employment contracts and confused with Full Time, Part time, casual type contracts, Probation and Apprentices. We have all the tools and updates to assist and keep you on track.
Employee Forms and Documents
When it comes to employing people no matter what size of business, there are a vast amount of documents required that can save you valuable time and confusion. We will provide your all the templates you need which are continually updated in line with changes to Fair work legislation.

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