All Trades businesses spend a significant amount of energy and money in pricing work and seeking sales for their business. Due to the digital age and the current financial climate, your clients have many options in finding and requesting pricing from various Trades Contractors. Going to your market with high quality services and a competitive price is no longer a guarantee that you will win work and clients will be retained.

A traditional sales approach includes: Meeting and Greeting the client, assessing their requirements, providing a proposal including discussing your features and benefits and answering objections. This is a spray and pray approach that will surely result in lots of tenders and playing the numbers game of “the more you quote the more you will win’.

To win more business and increase sales with less stress and energy you should think of yourself and your business as a “Solutions Provider”. The result all Trades Businesses require is repeat business and excellent relationships with your clients, to achieve this you must think and present yourself with a “Problem Solving Attitude”.

The image below presents the four stages of the Solutions Selling model.

Relating – Overcoming a clients barrier of “No Trust”

The first barrier in the client relationship to overcome is Trust. Without Trust and building credibility, your clients will not proceed to placing an order with your company.

Understanding – Overcoming a clients barrier of “No Need”

In this stage you need to understand your clients buying criteria by asking appropriate questions and learning from their unique situation and motivations to purchase your service.

Recommending – Overcoming a clients barrier of “No Help”

Once you clearly understand a client’s needs, you can then proceed to offer solutions and help them solve their business problems, you resolve objections and agree on the next steps.

Supporting – Overcoming a clients barrier of “No Satisfaction”

When the buyer agrees to your solution, you must support the client’s decision to use your service. You need to avoid and resolve dissatisfaction and ensure the client has a positive experience to ensure a repeat business relationship.

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