Did you know that workplace health and safety (WH&S) programs not only benefit employees, but they can also have a significant impact on a business’s bottom line? That is why the creation and implementation of a workplace health and safety program is one of the best decisions a trade business can make.

Trade Advisory Group has the government-approved certifications to deliver workplace health and safety training and advice. Our dedicated Workplace Health & Safety Officer can work with you as a trade business owner, to develop the programs and policies you require.

Read on for some more great tips about why WH&S is an important aspect of your business.


Defining safe

Put simply, a safe workplace means a productive workplace. Safety in the workplace can be defined as the assessment and mitigation of risks or hazards which could impact the safety, health, and welfare of people at your workplace, including contractors, visitors, clients, and suppliers.

In Australia, workplace safety is governed by Safe Work Australia laws. While every industry must meet certain workplace health and safety standards and sometimes the standards are different depending on the industry, the goal is the same – preventing injuries and deaths.

Having a safe workplace involves training, implementation of safe work practices and having regular workplace inspections.


Importance of WH&S

Work-related injuries, ailments and deaths are heartbreaking, and costly to all involved, including the economy. Safe Work Australia estimates the cost of work-related injury and death to the Australian economy is $61.8 billion annually. The number of Australians killed at work in 2021 was 32 and $480 million was the amount of workers’ compensation paid for work-related mental disorders.

By having good systems and practices in place, your rate of absenteeism and employee turnover is likely to be reduced as job satisfaction is improved. It will also help you avoid serve consequences like injury and death in the workplace.

Think too about your business’s reputation. If your most valuable asset is protected – your employees – then your customers are also likely to view your business as being socially responsible. Businesses with positive brand reputations lead to increased profitability.


Creating a safe workplace

Under Safe Work Australia directives, employers and managers must create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Erecting a few posters is not enough – upholding a strong culture of safety is. It means making safety a primary value, always making solid steps towards it, and regularly improving safety policies.


Here are six steps for workplaces to implement:

  1. Identify, evaluate, and control any potential hazards. This is about identifying hazards, looking at trends, carrying walk-throughs to continually assess risks, logging hazards, reviewing incidents, and empowering employees to report and remedy issues as they arise.
  2. Ensure employees are continuously trained. Businesses must train its employees about health and safety matters in easily-understood language. New workers will need refresher courses and it’s important employees who change jobs receive retraining.
  3. Ensure employees have appropriate equipment. Employees need access to the correct equipment for a safe working environment, and they need to know how to use the equipment safely, as well as how to prevent injury. They will also need training on how to handle hazardous materials.
  4. Put up visual aids. These are reminders to warn employees of potential hazards and provide safety updates. Digital signage is helpful in emergency situations as the message can be changed quickly.
  5. Establish a safety committee. Different employees from different departments make up a safety committee, and people from across varying skillsets. The committee meets regularly to report on safety issues, and present feedback from other employees.
  6. Keep employees engaged. Try to make learning about WH&S fun for employees, so that they remain engaged. Quizzes following their training, or safety competitions with prizes, can help employees stay engaged and retain the information they have learned.


How we can help

At Trade Advisory Group, we know business trade owners are under considerable time pressures and are sometimes overloaded by the amount of Workplace Health & Safety requirements they must adhere too. We make it easier by offering WH&S advice and services as part of our tailored business management packages. We have a dedicated and accredited WH&S officer as part of our team who can advise you when and as you need them.

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